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Culture Speaks: Cultural Relationships and Classroom Learning Mere Berryman

Culture Speaks: Cultural Relationships and Classroom Learning

Mere Berryman

Published October 14th 2012
Kindle Edition
280 pages
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 About the Book 

This book focuses on what it is like to be a young Māori person in a New Zealand secondary school classroom today. It presents and discusses narratives drawn from the voices of Māori secondary students, their whānau, principals and teachers.Whether you are a student, a parent, a principal or a teacher, this book will help you to examine your own explanations for the educational achievement of Māori students, and begin to develop effective responses to the challenges it raises. The book proposes strategies for teachers to increase their effectiveness in the teaching and learning of students from Māori and Pacific origins.Unique in that it uses Māori students experiences to reform education so that they and their peers can do better at school, this book is essential for teacher education and professional development.The audience for this book is teachers, parents, principals, students and those concerned about education. The book contains the solution to Māori education achievement disparities in New Zealand and can also be applied to similar situations overseas where ethnic minorities are involved.Russell Bishop is Professor of Māori Education at Waikato University. He has studied the implications of Māori peoples understandings of self-determination in research and schools for fifteen years, and his work has became the basis for a nationwide research and professional development project for teachers.Mere Berryman is currently the Director of the Ministry of Education (Special Education) Poutama Pounamu Education Research and Development Centre.