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Business Blindspots - The Sequel Benjamin Gilad

Business Blindspots - The Sequel

Benjamin Gilad

Published June 21st 2012
Kindle Edition
207 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Business blindspots – the lagging of managerial assumptions behind market realities - affect almost every manager some time in his or her careers. When the manager turns into an executive, and then a powerful leader, the blindspots can wreak havoc on companies, employees, wealth and reputations. This updated version of the original classic, Business Blindspots - The Sequel looks at the companies and people who were featured in the first and second editions (1994, 1996) and traces their tales of blindspots and consequences over a 16 years period. The contrast with the bestselling formulaic books on achieving everlasting business success is crystal clear: there is no ever-lasting success, and if one takes one’s eyes of the ball, empires crumble. This book is written in Gilad’s hallmark style: cynical, factual, humorous, offering a different perspective, and worshiping no “great men”. Instead, this book offers one advice: take care of the disease early on, before it is too entrenched to fight.