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Should You Leave? Peter D. Kramer

Should You Leave?

Peter D. Kramer

Published July 23rd 2013
ISBN : 9781476737102
320 pages
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 About the Book 

The book is written in a fairly difficult language. At first I was forcing myself to read since I was interested in topic.After 40 pages I was drawn in by numerous unique ideas which I kept founding page after page. The language still feels a little too hard, but given knowledge and intelligence of author I think that its okay.The theme - various types of relationships which lead to question in header - is looked at from various angles, and every new YOU has something else (intersting and quite exciting to me) to bring to the picture.After finishing the book I feel that we have looked at a lot of types of relationships, however I dont have a feeling of closure. We are still left very open ended.What I found somewhat dissapointing, is that in very few cases author presents us with a relationship where yes, leave is the correct answer. Almost everytime, no matter how bad relationship looks from initial preview, we end up with stay answer.Given that I was left unclear about types of relationships where author would be brave enough to advice to leave, except for few really extreme examples (extreme bad relationships from all angles).All in all, I think that topic is one of the most important in life, and that book is a must read simply because it covers it pretty good, and presents you with a whole bunch of new ideas and important questions to ask.Its really amazing how something seemingly obvious initially, next becomes clearly wrong just as author presents us with a few ideas or questions.You probably wont be able to look at relationships the same way, and probably wont feel that you have the right to give anyone advice, given that author with huge experience is so unsure about it.