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The Cost of Love Drue Allen

The Cost of Love

Drue Allen

Published July 7th 2012
ISBN : 9781594148675
349 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Favorite quote: “If I’m staring, it’s at that ancient Glock. Why not just carry around a rock to whack people with?”Agent Dean Dresler has seen it all. Or so he thought. But when he is shown his assignment, a bio terrorism victim, Dean realizes that this maybe bigger then he has ever dealt with before.A bio terrorist group has declared war on the United States and intel narrows them down to Roswell, New Mexico. Dean can’t so this alone so he is given a new partner - Dr. Lucinda Brown. Though she has no field experience, she is the leading expert in molecular biology and now Dean’s new partner. Dean does not want the responsibility he feels towards Lucy and tries to get rid of her. But soon she proves invaluable to him.As Dean and Lucy begin their dangerous mission, they also begin an affair that surpasses all their expectations. When the final showdown begins, Dean and Lucy will have to make the ultimate choice between their country and their love.The Cost of Love is a fascinating foray into the grim and chilling war of domestic terrorism. Ms Allen’s superb world building skills paints a vivid and realistic portrait of the men and woman who fight in secret against those who seek to destroy us. The story line’s elaborate twists and turns provides a suspenseful tension filled read that draws you in. The realism of the plot had me on edge till the very last page.Read rest of my review at: http://www.smexybooks.com/2010/08/rev...